Characteristics of Problematic Car Spark Plug Cables and How to Overcome Them

Problematic car cables can be the cause of decreased vehicle engine performance. Indeed, damage to this component is difficult to observe, but you can still recognize the characteristics of a problematic car spark plug cable before it’s too late.

As you may already know, the function of the spark plug on a vehicle is vital to provide a spark to the engine’s combustion chamber. If the spark plug cable has a problem, then the car’s spark plug function is definitely not working optimally.

In this article, discusses the characteristics of problematic car spark plug wires, causes of car spark plug wires leaking and how to deal with them.

In general, problems with car spark plugs can be detected when the car engine is difficult to start or sparks appear in the vehicle engine. Here’s the full explanation.

1. Car engines emit sparks

The first characteristic when a car spark plug wire is damaged is the appearance of a spark in the car engine. This happens because the electric current that was originally protected by the insulating material of the cable comes out through the tear.

This condition will certainly be very dangerous, especially if it occurs in long intervals. Moreover, the components around it are very sensitive to fire.

The possibility of sparks hitting other components is that the car can explode due to damage to the spark plug wires of this car.

2. The car engine is difficult to start

Although not the only cause, a problematic car spark plug cable can make it difficult for the car engine to start. This condition occurs because the car’s ignition system does not work optimally.

If your car is difficult to start, try checking the spark plug cable components of this car at the nearest auto repair shop because that’s probably the problem.

3. Interference with other car components

The characteristics of problematic car spark plug wires can then be seen from damage to other car components, especially those related to car engines.

When a car’s spark plug wire tears or melts, it can no longer withstand high electrical loads. This causes the fibers on the inside to break and the insulator on the outside to melt.

If this cable melts on other components, it will definitely make these components damaged or at least disrupted.

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The effect that occurs if the spark plug cable is problematic

Then, what happens if the spark plug wire is damaged? It is certain that it will cause a lot of problems with the car so that it is feared that it could be the cause of an accident.

Here are some of the effects that occur if the car spark plug cable is damaged.

Characteristics of Problematic Car Spark Plug Cables and How to Overcome Them

1. Ceramic spark plug broke

Spark plug ceramic is one of the important components in the combustion chamber which functions to transfer heat to the cylinder head. As the name suggests, ceramic spark plugs are made of ceramic material.

Even though it is designed to be strong and heat resistant, this component can break because it is not strong when it receives an unstable or excessive voltage.

2. Interrupted engine idling

Other car components that can be disrupted due to damaged spark plug wires are idling car engines that don’t work properly.

The driver can feel that something is wrong with the idling of this broken car when the sound of the car feels rough when running. This happens because the rotational power of the engine is no longer stable.

3. The occurrence of a short circuit

One thing that is terrible as a result of this problematic car spark plug cable is the occurrence of an electric short circuit which causes a fire.

Indeed, car fires are not only caused by spark plug wires, but that does not mean their role is insignificant.

When the spark plug wire is torn, there is a small amount of electric current that comes out causing a short circuit or short circuit. Almost the same as a short that occurs in the electrical system at home.

So, don’t underestimate car spark plug wires that have problems because they can cause car fires that endanger drivers and other road users.

Causes of damaged car spark plug wires

After knowing the characteristics of car spark plug wires with problems and the consequences of what happened, of course you want to know too, please, what causes car spark plug wires to be torn or damaged. Here are some of the causes.

  • Torn spark plug wires can be caused by poor quality material.
  • Improper cable diameter.
  • Installation of car spark plug wires that are not in accordance with the provisions.
  • Cars rarely experience maintenance, especially on vehicle engines.

How to deal with leaking car spark plug wires

Leaking car spark plug wires need to be handled immediately so as not to endanger and threaten safety while driving.

Here are some things you can do as a way to deal with leaky car spark plug wires.

1. Do a test using a multitester

If you are still unsure whether or not there is a leak in the car spark plug, you can test it using a multitester.

This method is useful to find out whether the car’s spark plug wires can still work properly or not. Here’s how to check car spark plugs with a multitester that you should know.

  • Characteristics of Problematic Car Spark Plug Cables and How to Overcome Them
  • Set up a multitester for resistance measurements.
  • Disconnect the number 1 spark plug wire.
  • Place the probe (+) on one end and the probe (-) on the other.

Record the resistance value that has been measured.

The way to read it is if the plug wire that is installed has a length of 50 cm, then generally a resistance value must be obtained of 8 KΩ per meter.

However, if the condition of the 50 cm cable has no resistance up to that point, you can be sure there is a leak. You can do this test on other car spark plug wires.

2. Close the leaking spark plug wire with an insulator

If you already know the location of the leak in the car’s spark plug wires, the step you can take is to patch it with an insulator.

Cover leaky cables using heat-resistant insulators and high adhesion so that they don’t leak again.

3. Replace leaky car spark plug wires

Actually, it will be safer if you replace the leaking car spark plug wires with new spark plug wires. This is the safest method because it could be that your car’s spark plug wires are too worn out so they are more dangerous to maintain.

Installing car spark plug wires cannot be done haphazardly because improper installation can cause damage to the car spark plug wires themselves. Better to take your car to the nearest auto repair shop to replace new spark plug wires.

However, if you are in an emergency, for example your car breaks down on the road, you can replace the spark plug yourself. However, make sure you already know how to replace car spark plugs, OK? Don’t let it, you only have a little knowledge and are desperate to replace the spark plugs yourself.

Thus the discussion regarding the characteristics of problematic spark plug wires along with their effects and how to overcome them. Hopefully useful, yes.