Damage that Often Occurs in Automatic Cars

Automatic cars are often a mainstay, because of course this type of car has an automatic transmission that makes it easier for the driver to drive. In addition, currently various automatic cars have been equipped with state-of-the-art features that provide comfort during expeditions, both for drivers and passengers. Unfortunately, no different from cars with manual transmissions, automatic cars also have obstacles that can interfere with your expedition. The problem will get worse if the car owner does not carry out regular maintenance. The performance of the vehicle is definitely no longer optimal, let alone destruction. The following are some of the damage that often occurs in automatic cars:

Automatic Cars

Aggressive Jerks Occur when Shifting Gears

This problem can be detected by the driver easily. When you put the gear in or get the gas pedal deep, you can definitely feel a jolt when the car is moving. If you feel the jolt but the shift lever is still soft, it means your car is still in good condition. If the jolt feels aggressive, let alone feels like someone is pressing the car, you should start to get scared. You better take your automatic car to the garage for further checking.

There is an Abnormal Vibration in the Car

Later you can immediately notice the indications of abnormal vibrations. When this vibration causes an effect such as car goosebumps, you must immediately carry out a check. Vibration in the vehicle is a natural thing that occurs because the car engine is in working condition. If the vibration is disturbing, there is definitely a problem with your car’s transmission system. This abnormal vibration can also be caused by friction in the clutch that has started to wear out.

It’s Hard to Move the Lever

Failure to shift gears can be caused by an obstacle in the switch of your car’s automatic transmission system. This makes the gear lever position stuck and difficult to move. Your car also cannot be moved from mode parking. It could be, after a few times the conclusion the tooth can be moved. However, if you don’t answer this question right away, your car’s condition will continue to get worse. You should immediately take your car to a repair shop to quickly analyze whether your vehicle’s transmission needs to be overhauled or not. When the brake pedal is stepped on a little but the brake switch is not depressed, you can adjust the brake switch distance.

Gears Not Exploring Lever Shift

Gears in the transmission system can also face obstacles such as being immovable. When faced with this problem, It could be, the cable inside is peeling or even broken. If your gearbox cable encounters resistance, the arm on the gearbox does not move too so that the gear runs out of the lever.

Trouble Rewinding the Car

If your vehicle’s engine faces a fairly severe breakdown, the problems will be much more and the environment. One of the most common problems with automatic cars is the difficulty of using reverse gear. Of course, you should not ignore this problem because it has a big impact on your driving experience, especially when you have to park. Generally, the difficulty of reversing the car is caused by a breakdown in the mechanical system of the automatic transmission. To prevent this, you definitely have to do periodic checks on your automatic car. If the damage has already occurred, you should immediately take your car to a formal repair shop.