Is Your Car Rusty? Here are 5 Effective Rust Removal Steps

The annoying rust on a car will usually spread over time because the metal behind it is exposed to air and moisture so that it oxidizes or corrodes. Whether you want to own or sell a car, your vehicle will look cleaner (and more valuable) if it is rust free. Therefore, do not hesitate to clean the rust on the car.

Getting rid of rusty parts and giving new paint to the car should be done as soon as possible before the rust spreads more widely. Then, how to prevent car rust or remove car rust properly and correctly? Let’s see the tips below.

Prevent Car Rust

Rust and porous itself can happen because of the length of a vehicle that if it is not well maintained or is no longer used. Of course a car that is not maintained if left alone will trigger rust that causes the part to be porous. To avoid this, take the following steps:

Give Lubrication in Several Parts

Car hinges often cause rust because the area is very hidden and rarely noticed. But you don’t have to worry about it happening again if you always apply oil on the hinges to prevent it.

Regular Car Wash

If you really want to wash your car, you should only do it in the morning or afternoon. Because the water is on the inside of the car and is difficult to wipe, of course it will dry faster if you wash it in the morning or afternoon. Imagine when you wash your car at night or in the afternoon? The hard-to-wipe parts will be waterlogged or wet for a long time, so they won’t dry out easily and will rust faster.

Car Wash After Rain

Rain water itself can quickly cause rust parts of the car. If you use your car when it rains, it would be nice to wash it immediately to avoid rust.

No matter what brand of car at what price, rust can be a very serious problem. Not only affects the appearance, rust can also attack vehicle components resulting in disruption of the function of these components. Therefore, before anything happens, rust must be removed immediately. Here’s a simple tool to remove car rust that can be obtained easily.


The materials and tools used to remove car rust using vinegar are water, a brush, a special cloth, and of course vinegar. Don’t forget to mix the vinegar with water to make it runny first. The citric acid or acetic acid in vinegar has a powerful effect on getting rid of rust.

If you can disassemble the rusted part of the car, then first remove the part and soak the rusty part in vinegar water for 1 to 2 days. If the rust is still attached, you can soak it again until the rust is gone. Use special brushes and rags to help remove rust more effectively.

Lemon or Lime

If all this time you have only used lime or lemon to clean stains on clothes, now you can also use these two fruits to remove car rust. First, sprinkle the surface of the rusty part with salt first, then soak it in lime juice or lemon juice. Use an aluminum scouring ball to scrape off any remaining rust.

Baking Soda

No supply of lemon or vinegar in the kitchen? Don’t worry, because you have another solution, namely baking soda, which also contains active ingredients to help remove rust from the car. The method is very easy, you only need to prepare a special brush or cloth that has been moistened in a mixture of baking soda water to brush or scrub the rust-affected parts of the car. Practical, right?