This Habit Makes Your Automatic Car Unsold on the Market

Garage friends, have you ever experienced a severe traffic jam, right? For you car drivers, you must experience fatigue because you have to play the gas and brake properly. Especially if your car has a manual transmission. Of course, you experience aches in the legs. Finally, many choose to buy a car with automatic or automatic transmission.

Besides being practical, automatic cars can also overcome these problems. This convenience usually makes the owner or driver become complacent and make mistakes. These are the mistakes that are often made by automatic car drivers.

1. Wrong gear

Automatic cars have several levers with each function. Lever D means road, used while driving. Lever P means parking that is used when you want to park a vehicle.

Lever N means neutral which is used when you want to stop for a while, but the engine is on, for example at a red light. Lever L means low, used when the gear is low and lever R means reverse.

If the selection of gears is not appropriate, it can cause the automatic car to be damaged quickly. For example, when you want to go back, the lever should be in the R position, but instead you choose the D position. Not all riders can drive leisurely. Sometimes you have to be in a hurry for some reason, usually because of an urgent business that must be taken care of immediately.

In conditions like this, it is very likely that there is an imperfect shifting of gears. When the vehicle is still running at a slow speed, for example, you turn the lever to the P position. A habit that can actually make an automatic car break down faster than it should.

If you want to park your vehicle, it’s a good idea to wait until the vehicle stops completely. For the sake of the durability of the vehicle, you must also be able to drive it properly.

2. Incorrect fuel

You should know, cars have different compression ratios, depending on the type, type, and brand of the car. What is often a problem is that many car drivers do not pay attention to the compression ratio of their vehicles. Makes the driver choose the wrong fuel according to its octane level.

This habit of yours can accelerate damage to the engine of a private vehicle. If the compression ratio is for example 10.1 – 11.1, then the fuel is Pertamax, not Pertalite. It is permissible to fill fuel that is not suitable, but only under certain conditions, for example when the gasoline is running out, but the Pertamax fuel is empty. After that, you have to re-fill the appropriate fuel when the gas runs out again.

3. Less maintenance

In six months, when do you take an automatic car to a repair shop for maintenance? There is one time, but there is also never at all. In fact, there are those who bring automatic cars to the garage only when they break down or are badly damaged. Habits like this actually accelerate the breakdown of automatic cars.

As a user, you are advised to carry out routine maintenance on your personal vehicle so that the engine is durable and its performance is maintained. In the end it does increase expenses, but it is better to spend a little at a time than a lot because the damage is very severe. Therefore, the maintenance needed afterward must be extra to maintain the vehicle’s performance remains good.

How to Check the Correct and Quality Matic Car

Currently, automatic cars are popular with the Indonesian people because they are considered easier to drive. When you want to buy an automatic car, many consumers choose a used car because the price is more affordable. Even so, you can still get a used automatic car with good quality.

However, there are many things to note. If you are not careful, you might even get a car with a condition that is not optimal.

Check Car Body Condition

The first thing to do is check the car body. Make sure the car body is still in good condition and free from dents or abrasions. If the outward appearance is problematic, you are likely to spend a lot of money fixing it.

Also pay attention to the condition of the lights, glass, and tires. If there are scuffs and dents on certain parts, chances are the car has been in an accident or collision. Therefore, examine in detail for each part of the car body.

To make the inspection easier, it is better to do it during the day. Scratches on the car body will also affect the selling and buying prices.

Car History

You need to know that a used automatic car has experienced an incident such as a collision or flood. If you have experienced a hard collision that caused a shock, it is feared that electronic devices and computers will be affected. How to find out can also come to an official workshop.

Check Oil Condition

We recommend that you choose a used automatic car with a good oil condition. How to check the automatic oil is to start the car in the neutral (N) position. Let the engine reach working temperature and turn off in hot conditions. Then check the color of the oil. If it tends to black, it’s possible that the oil hasn’t been changed for a long time or there is a problem in the transmission. Also make sure the automatic oil level matches the specifications.

In addition to paying attention to the condition of the exterior, don’t forget to take a peek at the condition of the automatic transmission device. Check there is oil spilled or there is dust mixed with oil. Also, look at the source of the seepage. Can be from the gap of the transmission block or rubber seal. If the seepage comes from the block gap, it’s better not to buy it.

Check Transmission Lever

Test the car from the condition the engine has not been warmed up. After the engine starts, put the transmission lever in position D. If the car moves on its own without stepping on the gas pedal, it means that the automatic car is still in good condition. On the other hand, if the car is not running, there may be a problem. Then, listen to the sound of the car carefully. If there is an unusual ringing sound, maybe the car’s transmission will not last long.

In addition, when the engine is running and the shift lever is shifted to the R, D or other position, pay attention to a strange sound that appears in the transmission unit. Also pay attention to the car stomping unusually or not. If it stomps and there is a ‘pause’ sound, it is likely that the automatic transmission has a problem.